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Discreet Drug Testing Services

Drug testing supports a safer and more productive workplace. The kind of environment in which people want to work. Maintaining the highest level of safety, productivity, and morale benefit both employers and employees. If you require discreet drug testing services, our company can be of benefit to you. 

Our staff at Harrington Onsite Drug Testing, LLC is focused on honesty, efficiency, and precision with all the clients we serve. We understand the importance of discretion and provide courteous, convenient, and compliant services every time. 

Problematic Drug Use in the Workplace 

Employees know that drug use in the workplace can create problems and that drug use adversely affects job performance, workplace safety, and many other work-related activities. Testing employees for drug abuse is most often conducted for pre-employment. In addition we provide post-accident, random testing, return-to-duty, and post-rehabilitation.

Post accident drug tests are performed after an employee has been involved in an accident while at work. You, the employer must establish how and when testing will occur, clearly communicating the details in the company’s drug-testing policy.

Employees want a working environment that is safe. Substance abuse can contribute to a very unsafe working environment. Alcohol and drugs are responsible for one in six on-the-job fatalities. Our company can help you provide that type of environment to ensure your company remains safe and productive.

Keeping the Workplace Safe 

Something that has been around for some time now is drug screening. We have benefited countless employers and employees over the years. No one can deny that drug use or abuse can impair a person’s motor skills and judgment, and that is a recipe for disaster in any place of business. 

When an employer is actively drug testing workers, employees who are not taking drugs in any way, shape or form will feel more safe, considering the kind of trouble that a drug abuser in their midst could bring. Feeling safe does wonders to a person’s morale. Employees with improved morale become more productive. Whether you are an employer or an employee, the goal to have a safe, productive workplace remains the same. 

Contact our confidential drug testing company today to assist with keeping your workplace safe.