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Providing Reliable Drug Screening in Clarks Summit, PA

Employers need answers to questions about other people in professional environments. When you’re a business owner, you want to ensure you’re hiring the most capable, trustworthy individuals. Harrington Onsite Drug Testing, LLC is here to help you promote a safe, productive work environment. Turn to us for prompt, reliable drug screening in Clarks Summit, PA. 

At our family-owned company, we consider it our duty to help our customers’ and their organizations succeed. By utilizing our services, you can identify individuals that should be held accountable following automotive or workplace accidents and retain quality employees. Consider our substance screening tests your solution for having absolute peace of mind regarding your employees and the safety of your workplace.

Maintain Compliance Conveniently with Professional Drug Testing

Employers choose to test employees for alcohol and drug use at a variety of times. While some conduct random drug testing, others test potential employees before their hiring, and many require post-accident drug tests following an accident in the workplace. Each employer may decide the criteria for testing, though many choose to test if an incident involves fatalities, injuries requiring medical assistance, police citations, or property damages valued at or above a specified amount.

Most substances leave traces of themselves in a person’s body for a period after they’ve been ingested. Our tests enable us to identify these traces and help you to determine what the individual was under the influence of at the time of an incident or if they’ve simply violated your workplace rules. 

Our reliable drug screening specialists strive to bring honesty and integrity to your workplace or job site by providing you with accurate, informative readings. For confidential, prompt service, schedule an appointment with our team today.

Offering Swift Random Drug Testing Onsite

Fulfilling your drug and alcohol screening needs doesn’t have to disrupt your work schedule. Our dedicated staff is always available to take your drug testing requests and set up an appointment time that works best for you. With certified, experienced technicians available 24/7, we’re more than ready to handle your random drug testing needs expediently and reliably.

Best of all, we offer speedy turnaround times, on-demand compliance reports, filing and records retention, reasonable suspicion testing, pre-employment screenings, and much more. Whatever your substance screening needs, we’re here to help you maintain a capable workforce and safe, productive business.

Contact us today to schedule your workplace drug and alcohol screening. Based in Clarks Summit , we proudly serve businesses and organizations in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, West Virginia, North Carolina, Illinois, Maryland, and Kentucky.