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Providing Reasonable Suspicion Testing in Clarks Summit, PA

As part of our drug testing services, Harrington Onsite Drug Testing, LLC provides reasonable suspicion testing in Clarks Summit, PA. Also known as for-cause or probable-cause testing, this type of testing is typically used by employers who suspect an employee of working while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Typically, you will include for-cause testing as part of a comprehensive drug testing policy to help keep your workplace drug-free. To learn more about reasonable suspicion testing or to discuss our other onsite drug testing services, reach out to our office.

Signs of Drug or Alcohol Influence

When setting up probable-cause testing, it is important that your managers and supervisors know what to look for when they suspect someone is under the influence. Some of the common signs include physical changes such as dilated or bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and unsteady or uncoordinated movement, as well as behavior changes such as lower performance or attendance issues. There could also be psychological changes, including unexplained changes in attitude or sudden mood swings and irritability. If you notice these unexplained signs in a staff member, then it is reasonable for you to request they be tested as part of your company’s drug testing policy.