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Alcohol Testing in Pennsylvania

There is no replacement when it comes to having accurate results that you need for alcohol testing in Pennsylvania. That is what we provide for your company at Harrington Onsite Drug Testing, LLC.

We offer DOT and forensic drug and alcohol testing on-site through our team of discreet, thoroughly-trained professional technicians who are on-call 24/7 for your convenience. Sometimes alcohol testing needs to be conducted as soon as possible in the case of an incident or accident, and we’re standing by reading to provide the assistance you need.

Regardless of when you have the testing done, we understand that you want results without delay. That’s why we offer prompt and confidential service through federally accredited labs for quickness and accuracy.

Quick and Convenient

Whenever you need drug and alcohol testing for your business, you want it completed with minimal delay and the least amount of disruption possible to your operation. For that reason, we come to your location for the tests.

We can help you meet pre-employment alcohol screening, reasonable suspicion testing, and related services such as on-demand compliance reports, filing, and records retention. At Harrington Onsite Drug Testing, LLC, we are ready to provide the testing and screening sessions you require.