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Drug & Alcohol Random Testing in Clarks Summit, PA

Harrington Onsite Drug Testing, LLC is equipped to provide comprehensive drug testing services that ensure worksite safety and compliance. We offer federally certified random testing in Clarks Summit, PA, to various companies and industries.

Testing your employees for drugs can help mitigate the risk of injury or property damage in the workplace. Companies trust our technicians to provide prompt and accurate results that ensure the safety of everyone at their business.

Equal Opportunity Testing

Drug testing is a requirement for many industries. Arbitrary selection ensures fairness in screening and the equal probability of choosing any staff member. Random tests are an excellent way to mitigate employee attempts to deceive drug tests. These screenings can provide employers with a more precise assessment of employee drug use.

On-Call Screening

Our random testing process is prepared to complete your on-site screening whenever you require. Clients may call for service any time of day or night, and a certified technician will be out to administer your tests quickly and supply accurate results that you can trust.

Talk to our team about pre-employment testing, random drug screening, or follow-up testing. We offer unbiased assessments that supply the information needed to increase workplace safety. 

Guaranteed Company And Employee Protection

Employees under the influence of prohibited substances can affect your company’s image and employee morale. In the US, companies have lost billions due to alcohol and drug abuse. Your public image may be affected, resulting in losing clientele. We can help you by performing random drug testing at your office.

Regular testing can help avoid workplace accidents, excess absences, and inappropriate activities at your workplace. Show that you don’t tolerate such behavior by applying for a regular drug testing program. Adding drug policies to your workplace may help support regular testing.

We want to help you maintain control of your company culture. Vulnerable employees may feel uncomfortable around people working under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Such may increase the risk of losing valuable workers. When safety concerns arise, contact us to mitigate the issue.

Types of Drug Testing

Protect your employees and your company with our testing program. The workplace should be safe, so harmful activities shouldn’t be allowed. We want to help you increase productivity and avoid unpleasant events.

We can perform drug screening in different ways. Our on-call technicians are available 24/7 and are ready to complete any of the following tests:

  • Alcohol Testing
  • Hair Testing
  • Oral Fluid Testing
  • Urine Testing

HODT will compile and send you the results quickly so you can act promptly. If you have questions or concerns, give us a call now.